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Top Homeowners Insurance Coverage Customized to Your Needs

Having insurance for your home is necessary, but understanding homeowners insurance coverage gives you the leverage you need when you’re ready to buy. No two households are the same, so we work hard to find the right coverage that works best for you. Our expert digital agents are here to find you the right policy and company that checks all the boxes! It’s that easy. The needs of homeowners are evolving every day. Our home insurance packages are designed with you in mind to find plans that matter most. Avoid financial harm and protection against wind, hail, fires, lightning, theft, and more.

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ONIT Home and Goosehead Insurance

Separate the Best from the Rest

We partnered with Goosehead Insurance because time is money. When you work with us, we’ll save you both. Our agents analyze and compare homeowners insurance policies to find the top choice customized just for you. We’ll show you the best choices and put the power of information right in your pocket.

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers perils, the damages or losses explicitly outlined in your homeowner's policy. This includes damages or destruction to a home’s interior and exterior and losses due to theft. There’s also liability protection if someone is injured at your home. You can add perils to your policy or find other insurance policies to further protect your home, like flood insurance.

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Three Basic Coverages Home Insurance Companies Offer

  • Actual Cash Value: Covers the cost of your home, plus the value of your belongings. However, this also includes depreciation. Therefore, you’re paid for what the items are currently worth, not what you paid for.
  • Replacement Cost: This covers the cost of your home and your belongings, without factoring in depreciation.
  • Extended Replacement Cost / Value: This covers the cost of your home, and belongings, plus inflation costs. This includes costs that are larger than your policy limit, but there are often ceilings of 20% to 25%.

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Plus insurance from other disasters such as:

Why Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

Accidents are unpredictable. Having a policy in the event of these emergencies is crucial.

So, why do I need homeowners insurance in the first place? To put it simply, for financial and personal protection. Many mortgage companies will also expect homeowners to have insurance to further protect the property.

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Items That Affect Cost for Homeowners Insurance

The cost for homeowners insurance varies depending on the company and the different coverages you’re seeking. Your policy rate is determined by the insurer’s risk assessment that you’ll file a claim, based on past claim history from the home, neighborhood, and conditions of the structure. While there is no standard cost for home insurance, there are factors that affect pricing.

  • Your home’s age: Whether your home is brand new or over 100 years old, the age affects your cost for homeowners insurance.
  • Building materials and safety features: What’s your home made of? Brick? Wood? Or siding? Your answer could impact the cost.
  • Luxury items: This includes jewelry, expensive art, and weapons.
  • Pools and trampolines: These items present a liability risk to insurance companies, so expect to see an increase in your insurance premium if this exists on your property.
  • Location, location, location: We’re not just talking about your address and zip code. This includes proximity to your nearest fire department or body of water.
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Breaking Down the Different Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies

Did you know there are eight different types of homeowners insurance policies? Each is designed with different levels of protection.

Basic Form

This is the most limited type of home insurance policy for a single-family home. This policy covers your home and personal belongings at actual cash value, and only covers you against ten named perils.

  • Aircraft
  • Falling objects
  • Fire / Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Smoke Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm / Hail

HO-2: Broad Form Policy

A broad form policy covers the dwelling, or the structure, of your home at replacement cost value. This not only covers your home and dwelling but sometimes can cover personal liabilities as well. It also protects your home with 16 added perils:

  • Aircraft
  • Freezing
  • Falling objects
  • Fire / Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental discharge or overflow of water or streams
  • Accidental and sudden damage from artificially generated electricity currents (like a power surge)
  • Sudden and accidental cracking/burning/bulging of a water heater, central air conditioner, or heating system
  • Weight of snow, ice, or sleet
  • Windstorm / Hail
  • Volcanic eruptions

HO-3: Special Form

This type of home insurance policy is the most common type, due to the broad range of coverages and affordability. It covers the same perils as an HO-2, but the liabilities go further. The HO-3 policy insures your home and any attached structures (think patios or garage), plus offers personal liabilities, and covers your belongings.

Common exclusions include:

  • Ordinances or laws
  • Rust, corrosion, and smog
  • Intention loss
  • Floods
  • Water Damage
  • Pets and other animals
  • Mold, fungus, rot
  • Damage from birds, vermin, rodents, and insects
  • Earth movements, like an earthquake, landslide, or mudslide
  • War, government action, and nuclear hazard
  • Neglect, deterioration, and general wear and tear
  • Settling, bulging, shrinking, or expanding your home foundation
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief (if the home has been vacant for more than 60 days).

HO-4: Tenant’s Form/Contents Broad Form

This policy is exclusive to renters, covering belongings and personal liabilities. It covers the same 16 named perils found in HO-2. The main difference is that renters insurance covers your personal property inside your rental and anywhere else.

HO-5: Comprehensive Form

The description is in the title, this policy is comprehensive! It covers more perils than any of the other policies. It’s an open-peril policy form that safeguards you against any and all perils unless your policy specifically excludes them in writing.

HO-6: Condo Form/Unit-Owners Form

This policy is specifically for condo owners to financially protect their belongings and personal liability. In addition to liability and belongings, this policy typically extends to the walls, floors, and ceilings of the unit as well.

However, the amount of coverage you need depends on what is covered by your condo association’s HOA insurance.

HO-7: Mobile Home Form

This form is similar to an HO-3, however, it’s specifically designed for mobile or manufactured homes. This does not fall under the regular homeowner's insurance coverages, but the HO-7 and HO-3 offer the same special form coverages.

HO-8: Modified Coverage Form

The HO-8 is designed for the specific concern holder homes face. Typically historic homes and registered landmarks carry this form of a home insurance policy. HO-8s only provide coverage for 10 named perils, and your reimbursement is determined by the actual cash value instead of a replacement cost. The ten named perils include:

  • Aircraft
  • Falling objects
  • Fire / Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm/Hail

Find a Lower Cost on Homeowners Insurance With ONIT Home

Having homeowners insurance doesn’t need to be expensive! Luckily, when you partner with ONIT Home, we do the heavy lifting for you. We research the best policies with top coverages to find the best deal for your budget.

Our digital agents are on the move to help you secure your best home insurance cost yet. We do our best to take care of you and your home every step of the way. This happens through pulling multiple quotes, finding bundling options, and looking for top discounts.

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